Easy to Pack Emergency Preparedness Items

When I'm at home, I try to keep a stocked 72 hour kit ready for each member of my family. The goal is to have something that would keep us fed and clothed for three days if we had to immediately leave our home. It is something that has been strongly suggested by my government and religious leaders and as I've worked on being prepared for the unknown, I've become more calm about the possibilities.

I had never thought too much about what would happen if I had to evacuate my hotel or condo while on a family vacation so today, I want to talk about a few things that are super easy to toss in your suitcase that could make a big difference during an emergency.

First, I think most of us check the weather before we start packing so we know if we should bring shorts or pants. Even if you don't intend to be out late at night, consider throwing a sweatshirt into your bag if the nighttime temperatures will drop to an uncomfortable level. 

Second, make sure you have a comfortable pair of clothing to keep close to the side of the bed if you don't sleep in pajamas. There is nothing like the fire alarm going off at 3am and having stumble around to find something to throw on in the dark (or worse, having to head out in your skivvies!)

After the earthquake on Wednesday, I grabbed a backpack that we had tossed into the suitcase just in case we decided to do a day trip and needed more than I could fit in my diaper bag. In that backpack, I put a change of clothes for each of us, some extra diapers and pull ups for the kids, a package of wipes, our important papers, and the items in the picture above. 

As I was packing for the trip, I randomly decided to throw a flashlight that also works as a glow stick and whistle into our larger first aid kit. You never know when a flashlight might come in handy and there are some great LED ones that are very small and lightweight. I had also randomly picked up a set of push lights at the grocery store that morning because I needed the batteries. They have bright LEDs and could light up a small room in a pinch.

Many hotels provide complimentary bottled water. Sometimes it is just a couple of bottles that are free and other times, you can call housekeeping and request as much as you need. If you can get more, ask for a few extra to keep on hand for emergencies. If you have a young baby who is breastfed, the extra water is extra important since you'll need to make sure mom stays hydrated.

Even if you are doing most of your eating outside of your hotel room, it is always good to keep a few healthy snacks on hand. We usually have applesauce pouches, granola bars, and fruit snacks laying around for the kids so I tossed a few of those into the backpack. If you have a baby or a child who has special eating limitations, it is nice to be able to add some special snacks into the bag for them too. 

Last but not least is a small first aid kit. You could use something as simple a ziplock bag to keep everything together. I had an extra cosmetic bag so that is what I used.

I included bandaids (some in fun patterns for the kids), hand sanitizer, a sample bottle of children's ibuprofen that I picked up at the pediatrician's office, Neosporin antiseptic foaming liquid (doesn't sting so it's great for kids), a kids sunscreen stick, triple antibiotic ointment, fingernail clippers, and a couple of hair ties. Consider what you use on a regular basis and pack it. Travel sized items and samples all come in handy for a travel first aid kit. If you have any medications that you take on a regular basis, I would also encourage you to include a few extra in your first aid kit. 

By taking five extra minutes as you are packing, you can include these items in your suitcase that will help give you some extra comfort and peace if you do happen to experience an emergency while traveling. 

I'm curious, is there anything else that you like to include when you pack for a trip that I didn't think of? Leave it in the comments!


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