Free Photos at the Space Needle

Space Needle from Chihuly Garden and Glass

When we were researching things to do in Seattle, we knew we had to visit the Space Needle. It's such an iconic building with an interesting history. 

The day we went up to the top, it was overcast (in true Seattle fashion) and quite windy. The kids weren't too interested in staying out on the chilly observation deck for very long but there were lots of fun and interactive displays to keep us entertained (and warm) inside. Our kids were especially enthralled with the time-lapse photos from the top of the Space Needle that allowed you to scroll back a few years.

One of the things that surprised me the most was the SpaceBook photo program they have. In our experience, taking home a photo like the one above comes at a somewhat outrageous expense. At the Space Needle, these photos were included in the price of admission and could be easily emailed to any address once you were done with your visit. 

They had a photographer before you got on the elevator who scanned your ticket and took a picture in front of a green screen (ours didn't turn out well...) and then at multiple points around the observation deck, there were cameras where you could scan your ticket, step back to the painted mark, and wait for the countdown. The kids were understandably a little confused about what we were doing but I still love how the picture turned out. 

Once we went back inside, we found a little kiosk where we scanned our ticket again, selected the photos we wanted to email to friends and family, and tied them to our email address so we can log back in and access them at any time. 

It was really fun to be able to look out over the city with the kids and try to find some of the places we had been in the past few days. They liked trying to use the high powered binoculars to focus in on specific landmarks.

If you find yourself in Seattle, I really recommend taking a trip to the top of the Space Needle and while you are there, keep your eye open for the free photo ops!


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