Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Scottsdale

Our first destination on our seventeen day adventure was the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch. We had stayed at this property previously but it had been a few years and we were excited to go back and see what might have changed.

Canopy of palm trees at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Gainey Ranch
This property does require a drive if you are flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX). As you can see in the map below, it's just shy of a thirty minute drive in good traffic. 

Sadly, I don't have too many photos of the property because our kids were on total meltdown status while we waited in the car for my husband to check in. I find that travel with the kids tends to go that way. It's hard to enjoy the actual trip to your destination when you are constantly trying to appease a small child or two. 

This was the view upon entering our room. It was a little tricky to photograph but you entered into a somewhat wide hallway that got narrower where the closet was. We were in an ADA King room but everything seemed a little tight for use with a wheelchair. 
The wider area close to the door made a great place for us to put Baby A's travel bed. As you can see in the photo, it was darker over there and it was also well blocked off from view of the rest of the room. The only issue we had was with the placement of our room. It was located on the floor above the lobby right where a number of hallways converged. They do post quiet hours but there is bound to be some noise when you are at a family friendly property. We had a few issues with people being loud once we put our kids to sleep but when we had called down to request a different room earlier in the day, there weren't many other options they were willing to offer.

Immediately to the right as you walked in the door was a large bathroom. As you can see in this photo, it was equipped with all of the ADA bars in the shower. It also had a bathtub which is always helpful when you are traveling with children. The counter space was decent but once we added in some more towels it started to feel a little cramped.

Here is a close up of some of the amenities that were provided in the bathroom. There was a shower cap, a make up remover wipe, a bottle of lotion, and then there were cotton swabs and cotton balls inside the box. The room also had a stand alone lighted make up mirror.

This property provides Kennet MD branded toiletries. They aren't my favorite so if I know I'm going to be staying somewhere that uses that brand, I like to bring my own along.

Right above the two towels that were provided in the bathroom and next to the robes was this sign. It said, "For your convenience, additional towels are available in your guestroom closet." I'm guessing the extra towels were stocked in the closet instead of the bathroom since it was an accessible room. 

When I went to check, sure enough! There they were. It wasn't the prettiest presentation but at least I didn't have to call housekeeping to ask for more. As you can see, that is also where the hairdryer, extra roll of toilet paper, and the luggage rack were stored. With the luggage rack, I was able to fit two suitcases in the closet. 

The remainder of the room was pretty standard. I didn't get any photos of it since that was where my kids were attempting to avoid a further meltdown and I thought it would be best to leave them be. We have a return trip scheduled later this summer though so I plan to get more pictures for you!

A lot of the Hyatt properties we stay at have these great borrow or keep lists just in case you forgot something at home. Some properties have more options than others and as you can see, this Hyatt has a lot to provide. If you borrow something off of the list and forget to take it back, they do say that they will charge it to you at check out. I've never tested it out though. 

As I mentioned over on my Instagram (@harmonyinchaos), the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale has TONS of great family friendly activities that are included in the resort fee. Our kids were fascinated with the bean bag toss game and just couldn't wait to try it. It was cute watching them try to get the big bean bags into those little holes.

Another fun activity that our oldest two decided to try was the rock climbing wall. This wasn't included in the daily resort fee but the price seemed pretty reasonable. There was no wait when they wanted to attempt the climb and the employee that was monitoring the area was more than happy to help. She got the kids all outfitted in their harnesses and helmets and then taught them how to rappel. 

L made his way up to the very top twice and then insisted on climbing back down. Our little R though would climb to right above our heads and then rappel back down. She loved it! She was right at the bottom of the weight limit for climbing so it let her down nice and slow. 

We are looking forward to visiting this property again. It's hard to deny just how nice it is to stay at a resort where there are tons of fun activities available that your kids are excited to try!


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