Hotel Review: Hyatt House San Diego/Carlsbad {Carlsbad, CA}

To recap the last few posts, we were on the first family road trip with all three kids. We had spent a night in Scottsdale before driving to Las Vegas for four nights. In Vegas, all three kids ended up with a stomach bug that they passed on to my husband and I. 

We drove the four hours from our friend's house in Las Vegas to Carlsbad, California. We were supposed to stay at the Hyatt Place San Diego/Vista-Carlsbad but I found out the water was going to be off most of the next day. You can find the full story here.

The exterior of the property was very different from most of the Hyatt House properties I have been to. It didn't appear as inviting or open as other locations. I later found out that it had been rebranded as a Hyatt and had previously been a different chain.

Living room of suite at Hyatt House San Diego/Carlsbad
We were given a one bedroom king suite which had a good amount of space for our little family. As you can see in the picture above, the living area was a little tight with the sleeper sofa and large workspace. Once we got the beds set up for the kids, there wasn't much extra space. The rooms also had the noisy under window A/C units which is always a little annoying.

The desk was quite large which would be great if you were traveling for work. It also worked well as an extra seat while we were eating a quick dinner before bed.

Our suite had this somewhat updated kitchen area. The appliances were stainless and the countertops looked nice but the cupboards gave the room a dated feel. They had updated the hardware on the cupboards but that only made things feel mismatched. The kitchen included a full size refrigerator with a freezer, a dishwasher, a stovetop, and a microwave that I believe also works as a toaster oven.

The bedroom was huge! There was way more space than necessary in there and it honestly felt a little empty.

There was a flat screen TV in the room and a mirrored door closet.

The only bathroom was accessible only though the bedroom. It worked okay for us but it could be a little tricky if you were sharing the space with a friend or other family member.

The other unique thing about the room was that the sink was in the master bedroom. The countertop and the colorful sink didn't match which seemed to fit the overall theme of the room.

Since we got into the hotel so late after everything that happened at the Hyatt Place, we decided to just go ahead and buy dinner off of their menu. I ordered while we checked in with the hope that we could go out and grab the suitcases and bring dinner back up to the room when I brought the luggage cart back down to the lobby. They informed me that it would likely take 30-40 minutes to cook the food since they had already turned off the ovens. 

We ordered a pizza and a couple of their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches with fresh fruit on the side. The kids ate the pizza just fine but the sandwiches were missing something. They were really dry and almost seemed stale.

 The other issue with the food was the fruit. This was what I saw when I opened up the "fresh" fruit cup. Under the fruit cocktail (canned peaches and pears), were sliced grapefruit and then some sliced fresh fruit. Not only was I not expecting to see canned fruit in the cup, but the grapefruit made everything taste like grapefruit which meant that the kids wouldn't eat it.

All in all, the property was fine but it wouldn't be my first choice in the area. I also definitely wouldn't buy food off of their menu again.


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